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Retail Features



VeloPOS  allows you to create and print unique bar codes for your merchandise. Items can be managed by item name, department, vendor, category, size and description.  Our POS will support virtually any UPC format.

VeloPOS  offers you the ability to enter items from an on-screen menu interface, or by using a bar code scanner and/or tablet camera.  This allows your business to choose the most efficient method of entering items.

VeloPOS  can save you time by keeping track of your inventory!  Inventory is automatically adjusted by recipe, repackinging, or item number.  Every time an item is ordered, it immediately adjusts your quantity levels.  We keep track of your in-store as well as online orders without the need to even think about it.

VeloPOS allows you to set minimum and maximum quantities to have in stock.  When  it's time to order, it will advise which items need to be ordered and then allow you to input any additional items you wish to order.  Then, it creates an actual Purchase Order

that can be presented as your official order.

VeloPOS  can remember your customers' recent orders.  This helps when a customer wants "the same thing I had last time"!  This great feature allows your customer to quickly place repeat orders and expedite service providing a greater customer experience.

VeloPOS  allows you to offer your guests Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards.  The Loyalty Cards allow you to keep track of things your customer likes to order and then to offer specials based upon their ordering preference.

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