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VeloPOS is a Windows tablet point of sale (POS) solution specifically designed for restaurants and retail situations

VeloPOS is full of the features you need to run your business!  The ability to create and scan bar codes, control and manage inventory, create purchase orders, track loyalty purchases and issue store Gift Cards are some of the things we can do.


VeloPOS is packed with features you need to manage your restaurant business.

Table mapping, splitting and combining checks, vast array of modifiers, and the ability to create dine in and carry out menus are some of your exciting features for your Restaurant Point of Sale.


VeloPOS is the leader in integrating security with your Point of Sale.With quick alert buttons, a secure alert  code, and direct communication with first responders and the 911 system,  VeloPOS  brings a comforting layer of security to your customers and staff.

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