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  • What are the important steps for setting up a T25?
    You can find our important steps guide here: Important Steps for setting up the T25 Before setting up your T25 please make sure you have read the guide and are comfortable with the steps.
  • How is the scanner physically attached in its place on the T-series?
    The scanner is attached via a magnetized dock in the T-Series above the printer. It is a stable yet removable placement method to allow for handheld scanning in addition to presentation scanning.
  • How do you connect the scanner?
    How do you connect the scanner? Turn the scanner on by pressing the trigger button for ~1 second. Open the tablet's native bluetooth settings and search for devices. Select the bluetooth ID of the scanner (bluetooth ID will be printed on the scanner). Scanner is now paired and ready for use.
  • How does the scanner recharge?
    The scanner recharges via contacts embedded within its dock on the T-25.
  • How is the cash drawer connected to the T-series?
    The PowaPOS T-Series point-of-sale uses an industry standard 24V cash drawer port. This interface allows for direct cash drawer control without requiring an added RS232 or USB interface board at the cash drawer. The PowaPOS cash drawer port design is based on the Printer Cash Drawer Kick-out interface commonly used on Epson and other printer models. For additional information please see the attached T25 24V Cash Drawer Specifications. t25_24v_cash_drawer_specification
  • What are the Receipt Printer specs for the T25?
    Printing Method: Thermal-sensitive line dot method Dot Structure: 576 dots/line Dot pitch: (Horizontal)0.125 mm (8 dots/mm) -- Dot density Dot pitch: (Vertical)0.125 mm (8 dots/mm) -- Line feed pitch Effective Printing Area:72 mm Number of Columns: ANK 48 columns/line (max. 12x24 dot font Paper width: 80 mm Paper thickness: 60 to 100 μ m (some paper in this range may not be used because of paper characteristics Printing Speed: Maximum 100mm/sec. (800 dot lines/sec)
  • What are the dimensions of the Powa T25?
    The base of the T25 is 200.5mm x 200.5mm.
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