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A single solution with infinite possibilities

The VeloPOS SDK works seamlessly with your existing smartphone and tablet applications, empowering you to provide merchants with a complete, powerful point-of-sale system.

The VeloPOS SDK is the central component of the VeloPOS Software Developer Program, which also features a world-class online Developer Portal. Together, they simplify app integration with Velo’s hardware and services, including VeloTag, its mobile payment and engagement application that allows consumers to buy instantly through adapted QR codes, audio watermarking and in-store beacon technology.
Through a single API, the VeloPOS SDK integrates seamlessly across all operating systems - iOS, Android and Windows. Standard interfaces are provided to drive the VeloPOS integrated printer, 2D QR/barcode scanner, cash drawer and PowaPIN. The SDK also supports third party payment terminals and peripherals, including NFC-enabled, making it ready for advanced payments such as Apple Pay.
The VeloPOS SDK has also been implemented to address the ongoing costs associated with PCI-DSS compliance by establishing an out-of-scope environment for integrated, advanced POS applications. By providing a secure and encrypted interface to PCI and EMV compliant devices, the VeloPOS SDK allows software developers to save thousands of dollars in ongoing assessment and certification fees.

World-class software. Meet world-class support

The VeloPOS Developer Program includes a world-class, dedicated Developer Portal. Here,
software developers will find all the tools and resources needed to use the SDK and its
included components:


• Software API downloads and drivers
• Documentation
• Sample code and applications
• Online and phone support from a dedicated engineering team
• Community support forum


Support is available during normal business hours, with extended hours available subject
to commercial agreement.

Advanced functionality. Simple integration.

The SDK provides an abstracted interface to all the devices that are part of the VeloPOS architecture,
as well as the VeloPOS Server functionality.


The SDK implements the basic payments logic to minimize the complexity visible from the customer
application. It also abstracts and groups related functionality by type (PED, peripherals and server).


Functional groups have the same behavior independently of the drivers in use. For example,
if two different printer drivers are supported, the exposed functionality is the same: Print Receipt.


The available drivers/servers can be swapped or added to allow flexible deployments. The SDK
supports integration of a customer-written server abstraction (according to the Velo-specified
interface), to allow for server customization. All the supported drivers have an emulation mode
that allows them to be used without a physical device connected

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